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The best nightlife gigs and events in your area – up-to-date and in your pocket now! The free smartphone app ZAnightLife has been designed from the ground up to bring you the hottest happenings, the coolest clubbing, cocktails, comedy and concerts, the liveliest entertainment, all the parties and all the shows near you and all around SA in an easy-to-browse app that will get you to your next good time - fast.

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In the morning things can get a bit hazy ... Remember it all with ZAnightLife. Share your good time with pics and comments on our own ZAnightLife Wall, or configure your Twitter and Facebook feeds as well as view our tweets, so that your friends and followers stay up-to-date with your exciting experiences. No need to switch apps or worry about anything because you can do it all from right inside ZAnightLife...

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ZAnightLife is perfect for promoters who want to put their event details right into their public’s pocket at exactly the time they’re looking for places to go. It’s also open to all advertisers wanting to push products and services to the happening demographic that wants to spend on a great night out now. ZAnightLife is all about providing a platform where users, event promoters and advertisers can meet each other…

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Tonight. What's happening tonight?

Check out what’s happening around you or around the country tonight with ZAnightLife. Easily browse events by City and then search for a particular event, venue, artist or address – find just what you’re looking for in seconds! Shake your phone for an up-to-the-minute view of everything that might have come in since you last displayed the tonight view. Even the ads are targeted at just the type of night out you’re looking for ... have fun!

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Tonight View

Tonight View

Upcoming Events. Can't wait for the weekend!

The ZAnightLife Upcoming Events tab shows you what’s happening from tomorrow onwards – and as you’ll see there’s an awful lot happening! To make your life a lot easier, we’ve organized the events into different genres. Select a genre that you're interested in and search so you can easily drill down to the exact type of events you’re most interested to get to. Search by event name, artist, venue, area, date – or even whether the event is free or not! Still looking? Search by any keyword you like - ZAnightLife will get you where you want to go super-fast. Is the category you're interested in empty? Encourage your favourite artist to submit their events on ZAnightLife so that it becomes your one stop shop for all kinds of entertainment! ZAnightLife give you the power to promote events - So spread the word!

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Detail. Tell me more…

So an event has caught your eye and you’d like to know more about it … just tap it! Everything you need to know is right there. Hit the phone number or link that pops up to get more detail or to be linked to a page that will allow you to book immediately. Hit Show Location to get a map to the event address, and hit Show Route if you need directions from where you are now. You can even hit Reminder to make sure your calendar doesn’t let you forget what’s happening. Hit Share to push the excitement out through Twitter, Facebook or even Mail. Add your current location if you want your friends and followers to catch up with where you’re at.

Get more of what’s happening with Detail … get ZAnightLife now!

Tonight View

Tonight View

Social. Share your night...

YOLO (you only live once), right? Yep, but you can keep it fresh by sharing that happening night out with your pics and comments on our own ZAnightLife Wall. See what other ZAnightLife members are up to right now so you can chase down the most exciting entertainment and the most happening events. Liking what’s happening? Help explode your night out by sharing all the outrageous evidence of what’s really going down where you’re at now! Name (or shame) the venue and watch the crowds move! Post your good time on Facebook and Twitter right from inside ZAnightLife and keep your friends and followers amazed at your adventures …

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More. Get in touch…

Wanna register an event you’ve got planned? Wanna talk to us? Tap the More tab. Hit Promote Event to share details of your planned event with us or hit Email Us to drop us a line. We’ve got all our T’s&C’s here too – check them out.

Get and share More of what’s happening … get ZAnightLife now!

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